Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30th, 2016


The game has been hit by a Hurricane... Like, everything has changed, and a lot is still missing, but just as much of what was missing before is now present. Its odd... but it also feels like its falling into place more quickly and easily? At least it was; more recently, I have hit a wall on the world building side of things which directly effects some of the mechanical rules, namely equipment.

Biggest changes are Test Rules: a d20 is now used, and the pool of d6 has been chucked. This has sent waves through all other rules, extensively changing how most everything within the game works. This is a good thing. Because it barely worked before, and is working a hell of a lot better now.

TONS of new rules. Like Falling, Throwing, changes to Cover, MASSIVE overhaul Awareness, and the introduction of Investigations.

The World of the Hollow section now has like... actual text and shit now. Its all very minimal currently, but just vague enough to give players an idea of things.

Races within the Hollow have been... vague-ified. The idea was that Humans do not follow a single universal culture, nor are they all the same, so why the hell would another intelligent species be as such? Ridiculous, really... I'm upset I ever wrote such trash. They are now shaped and determined by their physical nature and unique environmental factors.

Take the Divine: they've lived on interstellar vessels for centuries on the run from the Fae. That would shape a people both mentally and physically. They also don't have to sleep. So... there's that.

Origins have been improved, but are missing a lot of info right now... I have a lot working behind the scenes, but don't feel comfortable posting anything as of yet.

Equipment will be designed to fight or counter anything the character's may encounter. Building cool weapons and armor was cool, but really offset the balance... and alot of it didn't make sense for the Lore. If the Hollow is at war with the Fae, the equipment they use to fight them should reflect that, yeah?

Powers are... ugg... get back to me.

There are a few monsters to fight (FINALLY), but as I said before, equipment is still limited.

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