Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Many updates...

The game has gone through lots of revision as of late, and many rules and number have been re-writen... and I am only getting started.

Currently, I am re-balancing all the equipment, powers, etc. and I plan to cut down on the number of things the player, and character thereof, must worry about i.e. all their equipment. 

Still, I would still like people to provide feed-back and their own thoughts and ideas which may help in the games development! 

Above is a link to the rules of the game!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Lots of thoughts.

I believe I am coming to an answer that will tie a campaign, characters, and motivation together.

Basically, the area in which the Hollow exists (Chaos) is... odd... and thus odd things will occur when absolute pure energy interacts with creative beings or entities with an existence.

Think of Chaos as you would Exalted. Save that no one can survive it. Period. Entering Chaos is death. Your consciousness, body, and soul are ripped apart and converted into chaos.

However, there are times where Chaos interacts with outside entities in an odd way may this be through the manifestation of... "things" on the borderlands, reality maelstroms, aberrations, or the coalescence of those consciousnesses lost to chaos producing more powerful entities: The Fae.

Basically, the OSSTG will become something different. An ministry formed by the powerful nations of the world to hunt down such oddities in the world and contain or destroy them. If world politics and such become involved in the campaign at some time, they should and will be secondary to the overall threat.

It will be an overall change to the setting as a whole.

Yes, the political aspect as a focus is boring... so it should be THERE as flavor, and no, there need not that be all that much description for the GM to know how to handle political turmoil (much like your own council of death campaign, Jenni). The major problems the characters should face are those which trancend politics, nations, etc. This being Chaos, and how the people of the Hollow effect, as well as how they are effected by, it.

I have been mauling over character proggression and an aspiration aspect like D&D has with its leveling system and such. At this point, the game is still along the line of shadowrun's progression i.e. big and better guns.

I think I'd like the progression to stay away from the power creep aspects of D&D in that a level 20 character is so much more powerful statistically than a level 1 character. I still want their to be a difference, but not 10HP one 1d6+3 damage attack versus 200HP and 5 2d8+10 damage attacks.

To this, I have been playing with a Chasis leveling system which is basically a class which the character takes on at the begining of the game... but I am still not saticfied with it... it is uninteresting, seems tacked on, etc. I want something more purposeful like the classes from Borderlands, or from the up coming Destiny game. Something with small guildlines to give the character a role of sorts and something to aspire to with enough space to give characters the ability to become unique.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Rules: Playable. World, Story, and Lore: on deck.


The rules of play, character creation, equipment, and powers are done (until someone finds something broken or ripe for exploitation…).

THUS, I will now be focusing on writing the world itself. The peoples, Nations thereof, borderlands, story, conflicts, history, legends, lore, ect. LOTS of writing. Before focusing solely on the rules as well as my gallery, I had written a good 30 pages of the stuff. All of it needs heavy editing and revising. So, updates on the that will begin here. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Illustrations. More Races. Legendary Weapons

So, I am soon going to begin work on other character designs as well as some concept art for the technology of the world. I would also like to begin creating rough sketches for architecture and cities.

Aside from this, I would like to narrow down exactly what the Daemon and Terrasque races look like… The Humans are simple, their fuckin' humans. Divine were fun to make, and I still have a bit of work on there exact design as well as their culture. I am not satisfied with the armor this guy is wearing currently, I like some of it, but hate things like the pauldrons and helm. It needs to look more… alien.

Daemon are humanoid, more humanoid than the other races, but with a more… primal yet alluring feel to them without making them furries…

Terrasque are more difficult because I want them to look interesting enough to entice people to play them, but still intimidating. They must be noble but also feel savage. They are huge, but they cannot look like mere beasts.

ALSO!! I have been thinking of other races such as an aquatic race as most of the Hollow is covered in Ocean. As well as an amorphous race…
you know… like…
goo people.
Shut up.

Finally, Legendary Weapons. All weapons may be upgraded to Rating 5 maximum. Those weapons are pretty top, but what about rating 6? Or rating 7?? One of a kind Weapons. This may be supplemental later, but still playing around with ideas. I plan for the first supplemental book to be something like Shadowrun's Arsenal packed full of new equipments.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gallery Last Night

So, last night I presented some of the art I created for some of the game assets, and got fairly good reaction overall as well as some interest in the game itself. Now, as stated before, the link to the Obsidian Portal page with all the CURRENT rules for the game are available to people. That is, you can technically play the game... like now...

I would appreciate feedback for the game itself as it is still in Beta! SO!!
E-mail me PLEASE at Epzi10n@hotmail.com!!


Above is the link to the OP page with the game rules once again!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Post of the Dev Blog

Looking back at about 2 and a half years of research, work, and development, I SHOULD have started a dev's blog from the Hollow Role Playing Game about... 3 years ago.

But, what can you do!

I now formally introduce the Developer's Blog for the Hollow Tabletop Role Playing Game and System created by Tanner E Riles.

I am the very same Tanner, and this is where I will be updating peoples who are interested in the game of anything to do with the status of the game from LOTS of errata rules, to the inevitable kickstarter and official release of the game!

Now, the unofficial rules may be found on the public Obsidian Portal Page at this time, but please don't abuse, i.e. sell or steal, my work as your own...

or i will be forced legal action.

And I will cut you.


The above is a link to the afore mentioned Obsidian Portal Page...
Now, OP has gone through some changes, so a bit of scrolling will be involved at the moment.

Any comments, questions, suggesstions, requests, etc?

Please contact me via e-mail at:
Epzi10n @ Hotmail dot com!