Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Illustrations. More Races. Legendary Weapons

So, I am soon going to begin work on other character designs as well as some concept art for the technology of the world. I would also like to begin creating rough sketches for architecture and cities.

Aside from this, I would like to narrow down exactly what the Daemon and Terrasque races look like… The Humans are simple, their fuckin' humans. Divine were fun to make, and I still have a bit of work on there exact design as well as their culture. I am not satisfied with the armor this guy is wearing currently, I like some of it, but hate things like the pauldrons and helm. It needs to look more… alien.

Daemon are humanoid, more humanoid than the other races, but with a more… primal yet alluring feel to them without making them furries…

Terrasque are more difficult because I want them to look interesting enough to entice people to play them, but still intimidating. They must be noble but also feel savage. They are huge, but they cannot look like mere beasts.

ALSO!! I have been thinking of other races such as an aquatic race as most of the Hollow is covered in Ocean. As well as an amorphous race…
you know… like…
goo people.
Shut up.

Finally, Legendary Weapons. All weapons may be upgraded to Rating 5 maximum. Those weapons are pretty top, but what about rating 6? Or rating 7?? One of a kind Weapons. This may be supplemental later, but still playing around with ideas. I plan for the first supplemental book to be something like Shadowrun's Arsenal packed full of new equipments.

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