Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Post of the Dev Blog

Looking back at about 2 and a half years of research, work, and development, I SHOULD have started a dev's blog from the Hollow Role Playing Game about... 3 years ago.

But, what can you do!

I now formally introduce the Developer's Blog for the Hollow Tabletop Role Playing Game and System created by Tanner E Riles.

I am the very same Tanner, and this is where I will be updating peoples who are interested in the game of anything to do with the status of the game from LOTS of errata rules, to the inevitable kickstarter and official release of the game!

Now, the unofficial rules may be found on the public Obsidian Portal Page at this time, but please don't abuse, i.e. sell or steal, my work as your own...

or i will be forced legal action.

And I will cut you.

The above is a link to the afore mentioned Obsidian Portal Page...
Now, OP has gone through some changes, so a bit of scrolling will be involved at the moment.

Any comments, questions, suggesstions, requests, etc?

Please contact me via e-mail at:
Epzi10n @ Hotmail dot com!

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