Saturday, September 6, 2014

Enormous amount of changes... Just...

I should really begin to try to find someone to help me work on this beast.

The game is now a leveling system... and currently looks like a Frankenstein's monster. Pardon the gap.

Link above.
Please check it out! Sorry about the terrible formatting in the newer sections!
Take a look at the Classes located in the Origins tab.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gone too long

I have been busy with a great many things, and lots have been going on outside of this project. Ergo, I have not worked on it in some time. However, I have done a lot of deving in the as week as there has been a major shift in the idea behind the Hollow.

First and foremost, the idea of consciousness and the definition of "life". This game is an exploration of that idea (sort of). It might be more accurate to say that I am plugging my own ideas on consciousness and the definition of life into this game. My research into this subject was restarted with the discovery of the "off/on" switch of consciousness.

Thus, i began to look again into the science and mechanics of consciousness, and discovered a great many things. However, the most influential piece of material was the video linked below.

Though I don't quite grasp the mechanics of everything he is saying, his ideals, at least, for the definition of consciousness versus intelligence align very nicely with my own.

What does this mean for the Hollow??? Well... alot.

The Field produced by all sentient being is now that of a Quantum Field. Sentient, conscious beings are Quantum Singularities, capable of collapsing Quantum Information.

The Observers create Quantum Information out of Chaos with their powerful Aether Field.

The Fae are Quantum Field Engines; they are not Singularities. They cannot create information, but they can breakdown and modify that information that already exists with their Anti-Causal Field.

 Singularities (the characters) are capable of influencing Quantum Information (i.e. Mancy), but they can only bend the rules, not break them as a Fae can.

Sentient beings are protected by a Fae's Anti-Causal Field by their own Quantum Field; a Singularity cancels the Fae's ability to reconstruct Information... at least in close proximity. However, if a being were to drop unconscious, they are left exposed, and the Fae may destroy that being.

The Hollow was a bit much of a Hyper-Advanced Civilization... I had to downsize. 

That is, the Factories were OP... I really like the idea of distilling energy into matter which may then be programmed to construct anything and everything the peoples of the Hollow could desire... but... Star Trek did that with replicators, and they REALLY shouldn't work that effectively. At least, not on the level of civilization I want.

Sure, the Observers are technologically beyond anything else in the Hollow, but is it feasible to have one piece of hyper-advanced tech which is incredibly limited versus an infinite fountain of resources down at your local Factory.

Think of Ghost in the Shell and Mass Effect and add some Borderlands and Destiny to grunge it up a bit. Ideally, that it what I am looking for in a setting.

New Resource and Resource System

Orichalcum (Ore) is still a thing, but it has changed dramatically.

Ore are now solidified shards of energy used to power most things in the Hollow. Ore is "mined" in Factories as they were before, but they cannot be condensed into matter to form equipment and the like as they could before. They are still a standard currency used in the Hollow, but only for non-Restricted Equipment.

Glass is congealed, unbound Hadrons which are used to construct all raw materials required in the Hollow. It is a less common form of currency required for those less than common items on your shopping list. For anything beyond Restricted, or if you want to Upgrade your current equipment, you will need Glass.

If they character wishes to fence any of their Equipment, they may disassemble it at a local Factory of other such facility. The character is provided Glass equal to half the total cost (Ore AND Glass) of the item they are disassembling.

Cold Iron is the third, final, and most precious currency. Each piece of Cold Iron is a knot in space-time geometry which, upon activation, collapses its own bound Quantum Information, destroying itself. When forged into munition, it has proved incredibly effective against Fae. However, Cold Iron is incredibly difficult to produce, and is thus, very difficult to come by. Many will pay a great price for a single Blok of Cold Iron.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Major changes more than likely coming to Exocortex.


They are going to become integral to all players.

Exocortex are going to, mechanically, supply the power that the Character's Armor and Weapons requires as well as boost the Character's Mancy and Tech power potential through what I am calling Hardpoints at the moment.

Characters may equip 1 set of Armor, and as many Weapon as they have Hardpoints to accommodate.
"THAT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS" you may say, but it really isn't... The Character may be able to equip up to 4 Compact Weapons after investing lots of Ore, or MAYBE 2 Large Weapons. This does not mean the character cannot use Weapons with their Hands... but they still require a power source, a portable Harpoint, as it were, which will be available as an Upgrade to Weapons as well as Armor.

Thus, if they really wanted to, the Character could equip as many as 6 guns. Damage output, however, will vary depending on the build, more guns may provide more shots and a higher potential damage output, but they will miss more often as well, and Soak is applied to EACH SHOT creating diminishing returns. Build carefully.

As for Mancy and Power users, for every Hardpoint which is unused by the Character, the Force of any Power is increased by 1. Powers are also getting a significant buff; base Damage is now 2d6+3 instead of 1d6+3 and other powers without damage are buffed in kind.

Ergo, Powers are now nukes the Character deploys between shots or artillery used behind cover to support those will all the guns. This, however, does make them vulnerable; to get the maximum Force out of an Exocortex, they must forgo Armor and Weapons.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Basically a Title Update...

Yeah... lots of changes to just about everything to make things more balanced and friendlier to the players.

Link above to all the rules thus far.

My hope is to be done with the mechanics and everything rules related by next year if not earlier.
After which, I will begin to process of publishing this monster.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Many things I have missed.

So, i am going back through everything, and adding things I forgot or haven't implemented yet.

As well... there are many things that I seemed to have overlooked when writing or rewriting rules.

Ergo, there will be MANY new updates to the game in the next few weeks. Updates will be hitting the Obsidian Portal Page soon!


Thursday, May 8, 2014



I keep trying to add mechanics because I have new ideas, and all it does is make things extra complicated for no reason which makes balancing things VERY difficult! Specifically, Powers and Consumables! I know how I want them to work, but it ends up way too complicated for my liking...

I am going to have to go all the way back to the drawing board and simplify everything...

I'd really like some help on all this...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Many Updates!

The game has been updated... alot.
Go check out all the changes at Obsidian Portal!
PLEASE play the game, look over the rules, give me feedback!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I am planning on removing Specializations and replacing them with Trainings.

These are trees through which the Character specializes in their abilities.

These are based on (Currently 5) archetypes that I have created for the Hollow.

These are trees of special qualities the character has gained from their experience. The character may partake in any number of Trainings, but they may not begin buying Ranks in another Training until they have completed their current tree. Each Rank of Training costs 6bp.

ValiantThey are the veterans of the battlefield; nothing can deter them or their allies from reaching their goal.
Training Bonus – Reduce penalties to Direct Combat Actions by Training Rank.
Rank 1 – Reduce Armor Burden penalties by 1.
Rank 2 – Increase Willpower by 1.
Rank 3 – Increase all Consumable Unit Sizes by 1.
Rank 4 – Valiant Training bonus is applied to everyone within Close Range.

TacticianThey provides tactical support on the battlefield and through the Matrix to aid in their teams objective.
Training Bonus – Reduce penalties to Cyber Combat Actions by Training Rank.
Rank 1 – Reduce penalties to Technical Skills by 1.  
Rank 2 – Reduce Tax Cost of Technical Powers by 1.
Rank 3 – Increase the Firewall rating of self and party by 2.
Rank 4 – Increase Duration of Technical Powers and effects by a factor of 1.

OperatorThey act as advance surveyors and snipers of the battlefield. They gather information key to the survival of the mission.
Training Bonus – Reduce Rank required to Investigation by Training Rank. Increase Awareness rolls by 1 per Training Rank.
Rank 1 – Increase Weapon Accuracy by 1.
Rank 2 – Increase bonus provided by Aim Actions by 1.
Rank 3 – A single Aim Action may be made as a Swift Action per Round.
Rank 4 – The Character’s Defense is only reduced by half when Flat-Footed. This does not affect the Character if they are Helpless.

MancerPowerful wielders of powers who can fill many roles on and off the battlefield.
Training Bonus – Reduce penalties to Mancy Skills by Training Rank.
Rank 1 – Gain a +1 bonus versus Mancy Powers and Skills.
Rank 2 – Reduce Mancy Power Energy Cost by 1.
Rank 3 – Increase Mancy Power Durations of Mancy Skill Powers and effects by a factor of 1.
Rank 4 – Reduce Damage required to Overwhelm targets with Mancy Powers by 1. Willpower Levels of Mancy Powers are increased by 1.

DragoonUnstoppable combat monsters, they reign supreme in close range; laying waste to all in their path.
Training Bonus – Increase Encumbrance and Speed by Training Rank.
Rank 1 – A single Melee Action may be made as a Swift Action per Round.
Rank 2 – Increase Tolerance by 1.
Rank 3 – Reduce Damage required to Overwhelm targets by 1.
Rank 4 – Increase the Character’s Defense by 2 versus Actions made at Close Range.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Fae, part 2

True Fae are incomprehensible, monstrous, humanoid creatures. Their motives are obscure; any attempts to communicate have failed. They seem to consider other sentient life inconsequential and insignificant. They do not feel emotions as other sentient life would; they do not experience Envy, Lust, Pride, Wrath, Greed, etc. Nothing; they are simply a force. Fae seem undying, as killing one is nearly impossible. The Hollow have only been able to contain them, or place them into a stasis. The only way to completely destroy a True Fae is to disable its Field i.e. stop all neurological activity. Which is impossible because they cannot be killed.

True Fae produce a Field similarly to the Aether. However, they instead reshape reality, or completely destroy a piece of reality, converting it back into Chaos. These effects are, of course, reversed as soon as the Fae’s influence leaves the affected area; the Observer’s Aether returning to normal. This being said, Fae are not “observed” by the Observers; they do not belong , or rather shouldn’t exist, in the Hollow. Thus, Fae must establish their own reality apart from the Observers through their own Field. They create islands of reality around themselves fabricating everything from the environment upon which they stand, to their own physical form. 

A Fae’s appearance varies as they themselves construct their own physical forms. However, they are generally humanoid, lacking any distinguishable facial features, and stand an average of 7meters tall. 

Ergo, if a Fae’s Field were to ever fail, they would cease to exist; the Observer’s would observe that they shouldn’t exist, and they would not. 

IMMACULATE AURA - A Fae's primary mode of defense, and what a defense it is. 

A Fae does not utilize a Field in the same way as other sentient creatures, and may expand their Aura beyond themselves thus creating their own islands of reality. Ergo, the Fae’s abilities, traits, powers, etc. may only affect that which is currently within its Immaculate Aura's range. Further, for every increment of range beyond Touch Range the Aura is spread, Integrity is considered 1 Rank lower for the purpose of a Fae’s Powers. 

Touch – Increase Soak by Integrity versus targets beyond Touch Range; reduce Speed and Defense by Integrity.
Close – Increase Soak and Defense by Integrity /2 versus targets beyond Close Range; reduce Speed by Integrity /2.
Long – Increase Defense by Integrity versus targets beyond Long Range.

To this, it is impractical to engage Fae at extreme range as attacks are simply deflected from the Fae far from the danger. This makes orbital bombardment, fleetships, and other side heavy firepower nonviable. 

Ergo, units must be deployed on the ground, or in close proximity to the Fae, attacking it within it's own Field with heavy support just outside the Field's range. Those tasked with attacking the Fae directly experience incredible danger because within an Immaculate Aura, Fae are supreme. They make the rules. 


Shaping – The Fae may change the Environmental Modifiers, save the time of day, as a Free Action. The Fae may also construct a Field Hazard as a Complex Action.

Sight – Fae never suffer penalties to Awareness, and always roll maximum Awareness. Fae ignore LoS. Fae ignore Stealth. Fae ignore the Partially Covered, Covered, and Concealed Conditions. They are always aware.

Monstrous Creature – Increase all base Vital Statistics by 2, Increase base Speed by 2, Reduce Damage required to Overwhelm target’s with Melee Attacks by 2, Increase Melee Attack Damage by 1d6, Increase Heavy Melee Damage by an additional 1d6, Reduce Defense by 2.

Reality Impaired – Fae are immune to all Physical, Mental, and Dire Conditions. That being said, they are immune to Overwhelm effects. However, if the Fae is Overwhelmed, their Integrity is reduced by 1. Further, when normally considered Battered, all Shaping effects under the Fae are cancelled, it loses its Flight capabilities, and it may not use any of its Powers until they have recovered at least 1 Health. The Fae has no Vitality. Thus, in order to incapacitate the Fae, their Integrity must be reduced to zero. If the Fae’s Integrity is ever reduced to zero, they become Helpless.

Weakness to Orichalcum – Fae Suffer Aggravated Damage from Orichalcum. That is, any non-Special Munition’s Blok (Orichalcum Coin) deals Agg Damage when fired from a weapon. 


Use unmodified Orichalcum Bloks with high Armor Penetration do prevent the Fae from regenerating. Deal as much Damage as possible to Overwhelm the Fae. 

And it that doesn't work...

Longinus Lance – 20ore
The Character uses this Consumable as a Weapon Attack Action. Deal 1d6 +4 Physical Damage with -1 Armor Penetration to a single target in Line of Sight. If the target is a Fae, the Damage suffered is Aggravated. As well, this Consumable will remain imbedded in the target. If this target is a Fae, their Integrity is reduced by 1 so long as it remains. The target may spend a full Round removing the imbedded Consumable.

Osmium Grenade – 18ore
Create the Fog Environmental Condition within Close Range for 1d3 +2 Rounds. Fae do not have perfect Awareness versus targets within this area.

Rowan Wand – 12ore
The Character gains a Rating bonus to Willpower versus Fae while this Consumable is equipped. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Fae

The Fae are the most dangerous enemies characters will encounter in the Hollow, and are treated as such by the peoples of World. That being said... I have not developed them as much as I would like to have done by now. I feel that I have done lots of research into creating them, but have only confused myself in the process many times. 

THE FAE; beings of Chaos.


Voice – Social Combat causes damage and other harmful effects.
Glamour – Illusions; Field plane seeding (Neuromancy).
Shaping – Anti-observation; Reality Mancy.
Flight? – self-explanatory... could use some work.

Sight – PERFECT Awareness. Maximum rolls at all times.

Neuromancy should't effect a Fae, or it should suffer penalties. 


Cold Iron – Material pegs the Fae for observation, inhibiting their abilities. Easily a Special Munition or other consumable. 

Rowan – Inhibits Glamour. Consumable; for setting, I see structures on the edges of Factories, Borderlands, etc which emit? built of? Rowan. Extra-Dimensional poison?

Shiny Objects? Again, structures similar to above and/or consumable. Possibly a power. Traparmancy?

Killing a Fae

Basically impossible.

Lesser fae (un-capitalized, abominations, aberrations, etc.) are more easily destroyed as they are still bound by the Reality maintained by the Observers, and they are technically still considered sentient in the way we understand the concept. These fae are accidental, and a far-cry from True Fae. They are merely touched by Chaos, and warped by the experience. Their body is destroyed or warped, their nervous system (and thus their Field) is the last thing to go. If the Field is left intact, it becomes exponentially more powerful, and begins to construct its own Reality, and thus, a new bodily form. Destroying the nervous system, their Core, will destroy this fae.

True Fae (capitalized) do not have a core, and they create their own reality. Their bodies are hollow, they are similacrum of mortal existence. Damaging the body is like attacking water. Further, Fae produce an anti-observation field which prevents the Observers from observing their existence. That is, if an Observer were to observe a True Fae, the Fae would cease to exists because it shouldn't; they are outside of established Reality as set by the Observers and, thus, do not exist. In order to truly destroy any Fae, their anti-observation Field must be disabled; they must be observed. 

Disabling a Fae’s Field

Chaos Particle Fountains? (SUPER exotic radiation disrupts everything)
A living being's Field; Mancy? (Opposite of an AO Field?)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Final Balancing? Beta please???

I have once again balanced the game rules and equipment with an new balancing model. The model is based on how much one need invest on average in a Skill and/or Attribute.

Basically, it is a shit ton of maths, and I really enjoy this new model. There isn't any one things that forces or discourages use, and players should be effective no matter what they do (so long as they do not miss spend their Skill and Attribute points).

The game is rather Combat heavy. Well... I would say actiony, rather, with Social and Cyber combats breaking things up a bit. Think Mass Effect, and I am happy with that.

Once again, the game may be found here:

PLEASE!! Play the game, and give me feedback!
I am trying to market this game. Thus, it needs to be good!

Also, look at the WORLD OF THE HOLLOW section for the lore and setting!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Much Balancing. So Words. Many Maths. Wow.

Okay, I think I have gotten somewhere that I am satisfied with.

Everything costs between 18 and 25 bp or ore.
That which does not is considered n/a.
Everything is balanced in an attempt to incentive usefulness.

The game feels rather combat heavy.
Though I have made rules for Cyber and Social combats, they seem more like means to an end.
That end being a boss battle at the end of a Scene, which I'm not sure is a problem.

More story is being written, and Chaos based stuff is also being created.
STILL need some anti-chaotic/fae Equipment's and stuff...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



There are updates to most aspects of the game rules...
Too many to list... Didn't keep track of them all.

Take a look at them here:

There is also story and setting based stuff here:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Outline for Weapons.


Base Weapon Damage
                All Weapons Base 1d6+3 Physical Damage. If this is a Melee Weapon, Melee Damage is automatically converted into Physical Damage by default.

Choose a Weapon Type
                All Weapons are custom built for or by the character. To begin, the character chooses a type of Weapon varying from the Race which created them.

Daemon Weapons
                Clockwork Weapon – 19ore
                                Dmg 5Sh//Ap -1//Acc 3//Mode SA//Shot 20
                Pepper Weapon – 17ore
                                Dmg 5Sh//Ap -2//Acc 2//Mode FA//Shot 15

Divine Weapons
                Fire Weapon – 20ore
                                Dmg 11burn//Ap 1Bashing//Acc 1//Mode SS//Shot 40
                Force Weapon – 14ore
                                Dmg 9supp, ex//Ap 0//Acc 0//Mode SS//Shot 40

Human Weapons
                Laser Weapon – 18ore
                                Dmg 10burn//Ap 1//Acc 2//Mode SS//Shot 45
                Pulse Weapon – 14ore
                                Dmg 7//Ap -1//Acc 0//Mode BF//Shot 30
Rail Weapon – 24ore
                                Dmg 6pr//Ap 4//Acc 2//Mode SS//Shot 50

Terrasque Weapons
                Chain Weapon – 11ore
                                Dmg 6//Ap -1//Acc -2//Mode FA//Shot 25
Thundering Weapon – 11ore
                                Dmg 7ex//Ap -1//Acc -1//Mode SA//Shot 50
Choose Weapon Class

                Small Weapon
                                Weight 4, Requires 1 Hand.
                                Weight 6
Increase Damage by 3
Reduce Speed by 1
Increase Cost by 6
Requires 2 Hands
                                Weight 8
Increase Damage by 6
Reduce Speed by 3
Increase Cost by 12
Requires 2 Hands

If the Character moves before firing this Weapon, they suffer a -2 Accuracy penalty. The Character may not move after Firing this Weapon. 

Constructing and Upgrading
                Next, customize the Weapon with different Upgrades and Properties. A Weapon may not be equipped with more than their Rating in Upgrades nor with an Upgrade with higher Rating than the Weapon itself. Further, Weapons and Upgrades with Ratings greater than 2 are automatically RESTRICTED. Properties gained from Weapon Upgrades do not stack.

Smart Targeting – 4ore
Increases Awareness by 1.
Enhanced Sighting – 4ore
Reduce Accuracy penalties by 1.
Heat Sink – 4ore
Reduce Shot requirement by 5 per Rating.
Frictionless Materials – 7ore
Reduce Shot requirements by 3 per Rating. Increase Accuracy by 1.
Power Rail – 5ore
Increase Damage by 1. Increase Shot Requirement by 3.
Extended Rail – 5ore
Increase Accuracy by 1. Increase Shot Requirement by 3.
Scram Rail – 5ore
Increase Armor Penetration by 1. Increase Shot Requirement by 3.
Recoil Damper – 5ore
Reduce penalties to Accuracy from Fire Modes by 1.
Suppressor – 4ore
Reduce bonus provided to Awareness for shooting this Weapon by 1.
Flashlight – 3ore
Targets in front of the Weapon suffer from Bright Light Intensity within Close Range.
Light Materials – 4ore
Reduce Weapon Weight by half.
Range Compensator – 8ore
Reduce Range Penalties by 1.

Friday, January 24, 2014



Also known as subspace, or the space between space, Chaos is what has been come to be known as the basic form all things in Reality. All matter, energy, even natural forces can be derived from the fabric of Chaos. Think of it as unconstructed or compiled data. Its volume is limitless, though it can take up virtually no space, nor does it exist in any specific dimension or single point in space. Chaos is everywhere. When “stretched”, Chaos appears as a luminous formless white sheet, though the very of observation affects the nature of Chaos. Thus this description varies from a faint rippling to flashes of pseudo-colors. With the discovery of the Field, it is possible to further affect and even shape Chaos with Mancy. The Hollow itself exists inside a space of stretched Chaos, and is completely surrounded by the material.

The Administrators

These were the frontrunners of all Chaos related research and technologies. They were the first to harness the power of Chaos, and where solely responsible for endeavor into Chaos, and the creation of the Hollow. They alone reside inside of the SSV Erebos, watching over the colonists who live upon the surface of the World. However, all communication with the Administrators ceased during the Lost Age with no explanation.

The SSV Erebos

At the center of the Hollow exists a massive stallar vessel the size of a small city. The SSV Erebos was the ship used by the Administrators, as well as the first colonists of the Hollow, to enter and survive Chaos. Further, this ship houses a machine called a Reality Engine which creates and maintains the World’s existence, stretching Chaos and establishing Reality. This Reality Engine also produces light similar to that of a star. Thus, the SSVErebos acts as the Hollow’s sun. [IMAGE]

The Library

This is a massive data storage hub containing the collective knowledge of all of Humanity. Further, any data created within the Hollow may be stored here. This knowledge is accessible by anyone in the Hollow, and contains anything from novels and research to movies and games. This data can never be completely destroyed; its resolution is simply reduced proportional to the percentage of data missing. However, during the Lost Age, all connections to the Library were suddenly disconnected, and when it returned, all data had been formatted. Though there were those that had copied portions of this information, nearly 75% of the data stored in the Library has been lost including much of the history before the Hollow’s creation.


This is the sentient artificial intelligence which permeates most Administrative technology from the SSV Erebos to the Orichalcum Factories on the World’s surface. She is charged with the protection and maintenance of cybernetic and digital systems. If ever there were a cyber-attack on any of the systems she inhabits, she would attack them in kind; ensuring that the assailant is completely incapacitated. During the Lost Age, all systems permeated by Nyx were placed into lock-down, this includes the Library, and all attempts to communicate with her since have been unsuccessful. [IMAGE]

Thursday, January 9, 2014


[] – This denotes the maximum rating of a Specialization. The cost of the first rating of any Specialization is listed. The bp cost to increase a Specialization to a new rating is equal to half the Specialization’s initial bp cost. That is, if rating 1 costs 6bp, all greater ratings will cost 3bp.
Agent – 8bp
Reduce the Rank required for Knowledge Tests and the Level required for Gather Information Tests by 1 per rating. [][]
Architect – 8bp
Reduce the Level of Sabotage and Repair Tests by 1 per rating. [][]

Big Ego – 8bp
Increase all Social Defenses by 1 each per rating. [][]
Charisma – 8bp//Requires Big Ego
Reduce target’s Social Defenses by 1 per rating. [][]

Cracker – 8bp
Increase Cyber Combat rolls by 1 per rating. [][]
Provision – 8bp//Requires Cracker 1
Increase Firewall rating of all party members by 3 per rating. [][]

Efficiency – 8bp
Reduce Tax requirement for Tech Powers by 1 per rating. [][][]
Overclock – 14bp//Requires Efficiency 1
Increase Tech Power values by 1 per rating. [][]
Delay – 8bp//Requires Efficiency 2
Increase Tech Power Durations by a factor of 1 per rating. [][]

Brawler – 8bp
Increase unarmed Melee Action pools by 1 per rating. [][][]
Assault Training – 8bp//Requires Brawler 1
Gain a +1 bonus to Melee based Utility Actions per rating. [][]

Follow-Through – 8bp//Requires Brawler 2
Reduce Melee Damage required to Overwhelm a target by 1 per rating. [][]

Focus – 8bp
Reduce Mancy Power Energy costs by 1 per rating. [][][]
Adept – 14bp//Requires Focus 1
Increase Mancy Power values by 1 per rating. [][]
Intensify – 8bp//Requires Adept 1
Increase Mancy Power Durations by a factor of 1 per rating. [][]
Force – 8bp//Requires Adept 2
Reduce Mancy Damage required to Overwhelm a target by 1 per rating. [][]
Bombardier – 8bp//Requires Force 1
Mancy Powers now deal Explosive Damage. []

Medic – 8bp
Increase Medical Consumable Unit sizes by 1 per rating. [][][]
Doctorate – 8bp//Requires Medic 1
Reduce the Level of Medicine Skill Tests by 1 per rating. [][]

Physique – 10bp
Increase Health by 3. [][][]
Thick Skin – 8bp//Requires Physique 1
Reduce Bleed Condition Durations by a factor of 1. []
Sturdy – 14bp//Requires Physique 2
Increase Tolerance by 1 per rating. [][]
Warm-Blood – 8bp//Requires Sturdy 1
Reduce Slowed and Chilled penalties by 1 per rating. [][]
Composure – 14bp//Requires Physique 2
Increase Willpower by 1 per rating. [][]
Guts – 8bp//Requires Composure 1
Gain a +1 bonus versus Fear Effects per rating. [][]

Precision – 6bp
Reduce penalties to Ballistics by 1 per rating. [][][]
Quick-Scope – 6bp//Requires Precision 1
Gain an additional +1 bonus with Aim Actions. [][]
Exploit – 8bp//Requires Precision 2
Making a Weapon Attack Action with an Aim Action bonus provides a -1 Armor Penetration bonus per rating. [][]

Second-Skin – 6bp
Reduce Armor penalties by 1 per rating. [][][]
Bandolier – 8bp//Requires Second-Skin 1
Increase Encumbrance by 2 per rating. [][][]
Articulate – 14bp//Requires Second-Skin 2
Increase Speed by 1 per rating. [][][]
Dodgy – 14bp//Requires Articulate 1
Increase Defense by 1 per rating. [][]

Sharp – 6bp
Reduce Environmental and Range penalties to Awareness by 1 per rating. [][]
Flashing Eyes – 14bp//Requires Sharp 1
The character may roll half their die pool with an Avoid Action when Flat-Footed. []
Ebon Gaze – 14bp//Requires Sharp 2
The character is unaffected by Black or Blinding intensity light. Instead it is treated as one level higher or lower respectively. []

Tempered – 10bp
Increase Energy by 2. [][][]

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Questions from The People's Champion and Jenni:

There are many terms that you use and refer to without defining them for your readers, assuming they will automatically understand. The first of which I noticed was the repeated use of 'reality maelstrom'. You have given us a vague idea of what this might be, and your own writing and my assumptions lead me to believe that it is a large, powerful outburst of chaos leaking/escaping into reality. However, as you get closer to presenting this as a finished product remember that you need to define everything so that unfamiliar people can track what you are saying. You do seem to split chaos into two separate things, Fae which are the autonomous beings ((which I assume come from the people that were destroyed by chaos early on)), and other thingsincludingreality maelstroms. What are the options for chaos that aren't fey and also aren't reality maelstroms? 
Also, are things in Chaos destroyed or broken down? It seems like things are broken down and float about in chaos until they are mushed together in unsettling ways and spat back out into reality... 
Your second paragraph in your explanation to Chrono was quite honestly confusing, and even after a few read-throughs I'm not sure what you are saying. What is the "inherent problem"? What are energy cascades/their aftermath? When and how did people start interacting with, and even more so startharvestingchaos? 
Hope these help.

First part: Still fleshing this part out as it is fairly new... or rather, has become more apparent that it must be more important. Thus, how exactly I deal with the mechanics are still being fleshed out. Right now, I simple know there are two (vague) forms of Chaotic anomalies: expulsion and cavitation. Expulsion being leaks, tears, fissures in Reality, and Cavitation being things formed within Choas of entities from Reality manifesting back into Reality.

As for Question two... broken down would be more appropriate.

Third: inherent problems are not defined as of yet... Energy Cascades are probably a result or a solution (or both). Finally, people, specifically those who first colonized and create the Hollow, have been experimenting, interacting, and harvesting Chaos since the world's inception. The how is through Factories, which I will go in the greater detail with later... because it is 12:30AM... and I have work at 6AM...

These did help, and are things that I have been thinking about. Specifics are wonderful, and thank you again!