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Also known as subspace, or the space between space, Chaos is what has been come to be known as the basic form all things in Reality. All matter, energy, even natural forces can be derived from the fabric of Chaos. Think of it as unconstructed or compiled data. Its volume is limitless, though it can take up virtually no space, nor does it exist in any specific dimension or single point in space. Chaos is everywhere. When “stretched”, Chaos appears as a luminous formless white sheet, though the very of observation affects the nature of Chaos. Thus this description varies from a faint rippling to flashes of pseudo-colors. With the discovery of the Field, it is possible to further affect and even shape Chaos with Mancy. The Hollow itself exists inside a space of stretched Chaos, and is completely surrounded by the material.

The Administrators

These were the frontrunners of all Chaos related research and technologies. They were the first to harness the power of Chaos, and where solely responsible for endeavor into Chaos, and the creation of the Hollow. They alone reside inside of the SSV Erebos, watching over the colonists who live upon the surface of the World. However, all communication with the Administrators ceased during the Lost Age with no explanation.

The SSV Erebos

At the center of the Hollow exists a massive stallar vessel the size of a small city. The SSV Erebos was the ship used by the Administrators, as well as the first colonists of the Hollow, to enter and survive Chaos. Further, this ship houses a machine called a Reality Engine which creates and maintains the World’s existence, stretching Chaos and establishing Reality. This Reality Engine also produces light similar to that of a star. Thus, the SSVErebos acts as the Hollow’s sun. [IMAGE]

The Library

This is a massive data storage hub containing the collective knowledge of all of Humanity. Further, any data created within the Hollow may be stored here. This knowledge is accessible by anyone in the Hollow, and contains anything from novels and research to movies and games. This data can never be completely destroyed; its resolution is simply reduced proportional to the percentage of data missing. However, during the Lost Age, all connections to the Library were suddenly disconnected, and when it returned, all data had been formatted. Though there were those that had copied portions of this information, nearly 75% of the data stored in the Library has been lost including much of the history before the Hollow’s creation.


This is the sentient artificial intelligence which permeates most Administrative technology from the SSV Erebos to the Orichalcum Factories on the World’s surface. She is charged with the protection and maintenance of cybernetic and digital systems. If ever there were a cyber-attack on any of the systems she inhabits, she would attack them in kind; ensuring that the assailant is completely incapacitated. During the Lost Age, all systems permeated by Nyx were placed into lock-down, this includes the Library, and all attempts to communicate with her since have been unsuccessful. [IMAGE]

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