Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Outline for Weapons.


Base Weapon Damage
                All Weapons Base 1d6+3 Physical Damage. If this is a Melee Weapon, Melee Damage is automatically converted into Physical Damage by default.

Choose a Weapon Type
                All Weapons are custom built for or by the character. To begin, the character chooses a type of Weapon varying from the Race which created them.

Daemon Weapons
                Clockwork Weapon – 19ore
                                Dmg 5Sh//Ap -1//Acc 3//Mode SA//Shot 20
                Pepper Weapon – 17ore
                                Dmg 5Sh//Ap -2//Acc 2//Mode FA//Shot 15

Divine Weapons
                Fire Weapon – 20ore
                                Dmg 11burn//Ap 1Bashing//Acc 1//Mode SS//Shot 40
                Force Weapon – 14ore
                                Dmg 9supp, ex//Ap 0//Acc 0//Mode SS//Shot 40

Human Weapons
                Laser Weapon – 18ore
                                Dmg 10burn//Ap 1//Acc 2//Mode SS//Shot 45
                Pulse Weapon – 14ore
                                Dmg 7//Ap -1//Acc 0//Mode BF//Shot 30
Rail Weapon – 24ore
                                Dmg 6pr//Ap 4//Acc 2//Mode SS//Shot 50

Terrasque Weapons
                Chain Weapon – 11ore
                                Dmg 6//Ap -1//Acc -2//Mode FA//Shot 25
Thundering Weapon – 11ore
                                Dmg 7ex//Ap -1//Acc -1//Mode SA//Shot 50
Choose Weapon Class

                Small Weapon
                                Weight 4, Requires 1 Hand.
                                Weight 6
Increase Damage by 3
Reduce Speed by 1
Increase Cost by 6
Requires 2 Hands
                                Weight 8
Increase Damage by 6
Reduce Speed by 3
Increase Cost by 12
Requires 2 Hands

If the Character moves before firing this Weapon, they suffer a -2 Accuracy penalty. The Character may not move after Firing this Weapon. 

Constructing and Upgrading
                Next, customize the Weapon with different Upgrades and Properties. A Weapon may not be equipped with more than their Rating in Upgrades nor with an Upgrade with higher Rating than the Weapon itself. Further, Weapons and Upgrades with Ratings greater than 2 are automatically RESTRICTED. Properties gained from Weapon Upgrades do not stack.

Smart Targeting – 4ore
Increases Awareness by 1.
Enhanced Sighting – 4ore
Reduce Accuracy penalties by 1.
Heat Sink – 4ore
Reduce Shot requirement by 5 per Rating.
Frictionless Materials – 7ore
Reduce Shot requirements by 3 per Rating. Increase Accuracy by 1.
Power Rail – 5ore
Increase Damage by 1. Increase Shot Requirement by 3.
Extended Rail – 5ore
Increase Accuracy by 1. Increase Shot Requirement by 3.
Scram Rail – 5ore
Increase Armor Penetration by 1. Increase Shot Requirement by 3.
Recoil Damper – 5ore
Reduce penalties to Accuracy from Fire Modes by 1.
Suppressor – 4ore
Reduce bonus provided to Awareness for shooting this Weapon by 1.
Flashlight – 3ore
Targets in front of the Weapon suffer from Bright Light Intensity within Close Range.
Light Materials – 4ore
Reduce Weapon Weight by half.
Range Compensator – 8ore
Reduce Range Penalties by 1.

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