Saturday, March 8, 2014

Final Balancing? Beta please???

I have once again balanced the game rules and equipment with an new balancing model. The model is based on how much one need invest on average in a Skill and/or Attribute.

Basically, it is a shit ton of maths, and I really enjoy this new model. There isn't any one things that forces or discourages use, and players should be effective no matter what they do (so long as they do not miss spend their Skill and Attribute points).

The game is rather Combat heavy. Well... I would say actiony, rather, with Social and Cyber combats breaking things up a bit. Think Mass Effect, and I am happy with that.

Once again, the game may be found here:

PLEASE!! Play the game, and give me feedback!
I am trying to market this game. Thus, it needs to be good!

Also, look at the WORLD OF THE HOLLOW section for the lore and setting!

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