Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Fae

The Fae are the most dangerous enemies characters will encounter in the Hollow, and are treated as such by the peoples of World. That being said... I have not developed them as much as I would like to have done by now. I feel that I have done lots of research into creating them, but have only confused myself in the process many times. 

THE FAE; beings of Chaos.


Voice – Social Combat causes damage and other harmful effects.
Glamour – Illusions; Field plane seeding (Neuromancy).
Shaping – Anti-observation; Reality Mancy.
Flight? – self-explanatory... could use some work.

Sight – PERFECT Awareness. Maximum rolls at all times.

Neuromancy should't effect a Fae, or it should suffer penalties. 


Cold Iron – Material pegs the Fae for observation, inhibiting their abilities. Easily a Special Munition or other consumable. 

Rowan – Inhibits Glamour. Consumable; for setting, I see structures on the edges of Factories, Borderlands, etc which emit? built of? Rowan. Extra-Dimensional poison?

Shiny Objects? Again, structures similar to above and/or consumable. Possibly a power. Traparmancy?

Killing a Fae

Basically impossible.

Lesser fae (un-capitalized, abominations, aberrations, etc.) are more easily destroyed as they are still bound by the Reality maintained by the Observers, and they are technically still considered sentient in the way we understand the concept. These fae are accidental, and a far-cry from True Fae. They are merely touched by Chaos, and warped by the experience. Their body is destroyed or warped, their nervous system (and thus their Field) is the last thing to go. If the Field is left intact, it becomes exponentially more powerful, and begins to construct its own Reality, and thus, a new bodily form. Destroying the nervous system, their Core, will destroy this fae.

True Fae (capitalized) do not have a core, and they create their own reality. Their bodies are hollow, they are similacrum of mortal existence. Damaging the body is like attacking water. Further, Fae produce an anti-observation field which prevents the Observers from observing their existence. That is, if an Observer were to observe a True Fae, the Fae would cease to exists because it shouldn't; they are outside of established Reality as set by the Observers and, thus, do not exist. In order to truly destroy any Fae, their anti-observation Field must be disabled; they must be observed. 

Disabling a Fae’s Field

Chaos Particle Fountains? (SUPER exotic radiation disrupts everything)
A living being's Field; Mancy? (Opposite of an AO Field?)

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