Friday, June 13, 2014

Major changes more than likely coming to Exocortex.


They are going to become integral to all players.

Exocortex are going to, mechanically, supply the power that the Character's Armor and Weapons requires as well as boost the Character's Mancy and Tech power potential through what I am calling Hardpoints at the moment.

Characters may equip 1 set of Armor, and as many Weapon as they have Hardpoints to accommodate.
"THAT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS" you may say, but it really isn't... The Character may be able to equip up to 4 Compact Weapons after investing lots of Ore, or MAYBE 2 Large Weapons. This does not mean the character cannot use Weapons with their Hands... but they still require a power source, a portable Harpoint, as it were, which will be available as an Upgrade to Weapons as well as Armor.

Thus, if they really wanted to, the Character could equip as many as 6 guns. Damage output, however, will vary depending on the build, more guns may provide more shots and a higher potential damage output, but they will miss more often as well, and Soak is applied to EACH SHOT creating diminishing returns. Build carefully.

As for Mancy and Power users, for every Hardpoint which is unused by the Character, the Force of any Power is increased by 1. Powers are also getting a significant buff; base Damage is now 2d6+3 instead of 1d6+3 and other powers without damage are buffed in kind.

Ergo, Powers are now nukes the Character deploys between shots or artillery used behind cover to support those will all the guns. This, however, does make them vulnerable; to get the maximum Force out of an Exocortex, they must forgo Armor and Weapons.

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